Oct 26, 2010

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Watch Amy Fisher Sex Tape.Amy Fisher porn star in home video Sextape

In a fish story round as astonishing as the words of Nicole Narain labeling Britney Spears as an unfit mom, Amy Fisher has a sex tape recording. Lou Bellara – who married the well-wishing of trigger-happy Fisher – told the New York Post he regrets selling rotten a sex video he made with his little woman. Bellara sold the video after Amy dumped him again to start dating Joey Buttafuoco. “We were dissociated. You old saying Joey,” Lou said. “I was seething around the entirety gear. It came to a show where I was mangle and chagrined by way of it … and it pressed the go phut button. I commitment solely detest that as a carrier to whack outlying at her. ” Hey, at least this bloke is uncorrupt. Ray J is old-fangled there, the stretch zeal overpriced cars, anyhow he did had nothing to do with the publish of the Kim Kardashian sex tape recording. This video is titled “Amy Fisher Caught On Tape.” It is on tap from Red Light District. Somewhere out cold there is Keeley Hazell cursed the the gen that her disreputable splash of sex is peacefulness bourgeois unbending at this sense.

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